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Are you going through a particular challenge, such as having difficulty sleeping, dealing with the end of a marriage, managing your weight, overwhelmed or simply wanting more out of your life? If you answered yes, I am here to listen.

Let's work together

I have had the above challenges and continue to pursue getting more out of my own life. I enjoy helping others cut to the chase instead of wasting time. I am available to help you individually  and for your team or managers. Due to my difficulties with sleeping, I have written Sensational Sleep, a book containing my REST tips to help you sleep better. My other book Daring Divorce is helpful with simple, straightforward BEST tips and becoming an improved version of yourself. Currently, I am drafting another book, Loving Life. I am fond of collaborating with people who seriously want to improve their lives. If you are struggling with personal challenges, I want you to know there are healthy solutions. If you are wholehearted about making a change, you need someone you can relate to, who has had challenges like yours, and with whom you can keep yourself accountable. Those who progress have steps and have someone they can identify with who can be their accountability partner.

Although I have been practicing chiropractic since 1993, have a certificate in applied clinical nutrition, as well as a certified hypnotist, please note my role as a life coach is not providing healthcare, diagnosis, or any physical or psychological treatment. However, I believe my understanding of proper health can help me to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. If you are diligent, you can accomplish improvements sooner than you might think.

I moved out to California from Ohio in 1990. Unbelievably, the thing I miss most about Ohio is the thunderstorms and playing card games, like Uker. I have two daughters, 16 and 18, as of 2021. One is in high school and the other in college. I enjoy traveling and going on spa days with my family, road trips, writing, running, and hiking. I also love to drink a great cup of tea and walk by the water, whether ocean, lake, or stream.

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Balance Personal and Professional Responsibilities Without Losing Sleep 

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Better Sleep For A Better You

Sample Chapter: Daring Divorce
Navigating The Storm

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Whether you are facing a particular challenge such as difficulty sleeping, navigating the end of a marriage, feeling overwhelmed, or seeking to achieve excellence by improving your thoughts, communications, and habits, I am here to help. Additionally, if you are striving for more out of life or looking to enhance your personal or professional journey, my support is available. While my focus is on assisting CEOs and their teams of managers within companies of up to 10 individuals, I am also dedicated to helping individuals on their personal paths to growth and success,. No matter your situation, I am committed to guiding you towards positive change and empowerment.

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