In the middle of the craziness of divorce, these self-help strategies can help you stay grounded. 

Self-Care for Divorce

When divorce recovery feels like your world is crashing down around you, your physical and mental health may be the first to suffer. You are now dealing with divorce stress on top of divorce shock, so take care of yourself by following these self-care strategies during divorce recovery.

1.) Practice Self-Acceptance

One common reaction during divorce recovery is self-loathing or harsh criticism… after all, if you had done "this" or "that," then maybe you wouldn't have gotten divorced! During divorce recovery, it is important to remind yourself that divorce is not an end, but a new beginning. It's ok that things didn't work out the way that you had hoped because at least there is a divorce recovery path for you to begin walking.

2.) Get Good Sleep

When divorce recovery feels unmanageable, sleep might be the first thing to go. However, it is important to have good sleep so you are prepared for divorce recovery tomorrow. Avoid caffeinated drinks after lunch (including chocolate), exercise early in the day (not at night), consume some protein before bed (such as plain yogurt with fruit), and turn off all electronics well before hitting the pillow. Create a calming bedroom environment by using heavy drapes or an eye-mask; try using essential oils like lavender or frankincense (which promote relaxation) mixed with water in your diffuser; soak in a relaxing bubble bath; make divorce recovery soup… all before bedtime.

3.) Enjoy Being Single (for a While)

During divorce recovery, it is tempting to jump into another relationship in order to avoid feeling alone and vulnerable. However, that can be a mistake because divorce brings about an identity crisis and the need to rebuild yourself from scratch. Take time during divorce recovery for self-reflection; enjoy dating again; focus on building your confidence before entering another relationship; take things slow to make sure you've healed before taking such a serious step. 

4.) Get Active After Divorce

Divorce doesn't mean you need to sit around and feel sorry for yourself! There's plenty of divorce recovery activities that will help you build back up after divorce: join divorce support groups, divorce therapy sessions, divorce coaching, divorce prayer groups; participate in divorce mediation sessions; start divorce journaling; join divorce workshops; volunteer at a local nonprofit; or take up an athletic activity like swimming or biking. You can also try new activities like divorce belly dancing… whatever you do, make sure it's something that you enjoy (that way you'll be more likely to keep doing it!).

5.) Make Time for Fun

When divorce recovery feels overwhelming, you might forget how important downtime is. During divorce recovery vacations are mandatory! Whether you choose to head out of town on a road trip or stay close by going camping at the state park – have fun and leave your worries behind. Between work and home responsibilities during divorce recovery, you may feel like all you do is exist, so remind yourself to have a little fun every day by taking up a divorce recovery hobby or going out with divorce recovery friends.

6.) Try Something New

When divorce recovery feels like it's pulling you under, take a break from your divorce recovery retracing, and try something new! During divorce recovery, there are lots of opportunities to learn new skills that will benefit you in the future: join divorce art classes; start divorce photography projects; take divorce courses online; read self-help books during divorce recovery (or about anything else that interests you); sign up for divorce learning seminars… whatever it is, make sure it's something fulfilling and enjoyable. After all, life after divorce has an infinite amount of possibilities!

7.) Get Creative

Divorce recovery can feel stagnate, but it doesn't have to! When divorce recovery feels like a drag, take a break from thinking about divorce and try something different. During divorce recovery, you can really flex your creative muscles – if dance or music isn't your thing you could always make divorce recovery art – look for free divorce recovery supplies online or at local thrift stores. Or if writing is more up your alley, write divorce recovery poetry! There are plenty of ways to embrace divorce recovery creativity that will also help you cope with divorce stress.

8.) Be Kind to Yourself

When divorce recovery feels too much to bear, remember that kindness towards yourself should never go out the window. Take time during divorce recovery for self-care activities that will help you be your most compassionate divorce recovery self: divorce reading books about divorce recovery; divorce praying to divorce support groups; divorce journaling in a divorce journal; taking up divorce meditation courses… do whatever it takes to take care of yourself during divorce recovery.

9.) Get Out of Your Rut

Even though divorce can feel like the end of the world, you don't have to act like it is! Do something different during divorce recovery by getting out of your rut and expanding your boundaries. During divorce recovery, make an effort to get outdoors more often (or at least spend time near nature); try new foods; start dating again; or take up a new activity, like scuba diving divorce support groups or divorce yoga divorce workshops.

10.) Develop a Routine

Feeling miserable during divorce recovery is common, but you can minimize divorce stress by developing a routine that works for your new life. During divorce recovery, try to wake up at the same time every day; establish divorce meditation times so you can take care of yourself during divorce recovery; eat breakfast every morning even if you're not hungry (research has shown that eating three meals a day improves physical health); keep track of your finances on a daily basis… whatever it takes to create positive habits during divorce recovery.

If divorce has left you lost and confused, trust that there are plenty of actions you can take to make sure your experience is as positive as possible! Try these divorce recovery tips to help you feel better.